Friday, February 19, 2010

Wonder Woman: Rise of the Olympian TPB

Ahh, a lot of things make more sense now. Gail Simone picks things up from her first trade seamlessly, and there are a ton of nice payoffs from seeds planted in the last few issues. Heck, even the megalodons (giant sharks) get a nice moment as they face down more mythical sea monsters.

The story is a bit complicated, so bear with me. The Secret Society of Super-Villains create a horrific creature called Genocide, a monster with ties to Wonder Woman. I like that while Genocide is a new villain, there are some good ties to well-established WW villains later in the trade. While WW, the DEO, and the Justice League are battling Genocide, Zeus is on a quest of his own. He's creating a male-counterpart to the isle of the Amazons. He even creates a male analogue for Diana in Achilles. These are some neat neat new additions to the WW mythology, I hope they stick around. I do think you need to have read the last trade to get the most out of this one, but the payoffs are so nice here that I want to re-read The Circle again.

Oh, and the out-of-nowhere romance with Tom Tresser/Nemesis gets explained too. Poor doofus. I really respect what Simone is building here, not only is the mythology riveting, but I also really enjoy WW as a character. Her strength and resilience is on display from cover to cover.

Aaron Lopresti's art is not quite as good as Terry Dodson's but it is solid. Bernard Chang handles one issue, and again, he's a bit of a step down from Lopresti. Both artists do a nice job with the action scenes though, and I really enjoyed Lopresti's take on the Cheetah.


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