Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Invincible #70

Man, Invincible is really getting dark. Mark Grayson has been pushed to the limits the last few months and it really shows this issue. Not only does he take out the sequid threat in a very... direct way, but he also has some very revealing dialogue too. Mark Grayson is getting mighty possessive of the old Earth, there is definitely a sense of possession when he screams "My planet!" Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley play the scene nicely too, it isn't subtle, but it is cool.

The Guardians of the Globe are pretty great in this showdown too. Brit and the rest of the team are actually fairly well prepared for the mind-controlling beasties, although that closing scene with Robot doesn't look good. I'm also amused at how much I like Mark's little brother Oliver. He may end up as a cool hero on his own.

Ryan Ottley is another consistent, solid artist. I don't want to see anyone else draw this book.


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