Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guardians of the Galaxy #23

It's official. DnA finally explain exactly how half the team survived their deaths at the hands of the Magus a few issues ago. It seems that the Magus was faking his own death and needed a couple of Guardians to die to help make it look good. Of course, none of them died, this was all a setup. Magus just took the captured Guardians and set them up in the torture chamber of his Church of Universal Truth. Now he's got his best torturer's working to convert Cosmo, Major Victory, Gamorra, and Mantis, and Phyla to his evil ways. Magus picked the wrong heroes though, since Mantis, Phyla, and Cosmo all have telepathic powers and together they are able to get Moondragon at least aware of the situation. Magus ties things into the rest of Realm of Kings with the rest of his plan, to get in touch with the dark gods on the other end of the fault.

Wes Craig is ok, but he's a bit of a letdown after Brad Walker's art. Craig's art is a lot more cartoony and the drama of some scenes is lessened a bit by it. The torture scenes are clear, but I'm not sure the emotional impact of having your memories lashed out of you is as dramatic as it could be. That said, he has a great take on both Blastaar and Bug during the diplomacy sequences.


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