Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blackest Night: Flash #3

Man, I love it when Geoff Johns writes the Rogues. He kicks things off with a creepy scene with Captain Boomerang II as he feeds an aspiring rogue to his Black Lantern father. Johns balances a lot of characters in this issue and he does a great job with it. Wally West doesn't feel forgotten anymore, he actually takes some action that affects the outcome of the series. I also like that Barry Allen is aware of his lack of familiarity with Bart Allen. These three Flashes are a pretty impressive bunch. I love how the Black Lanterns never really seem like a threat to the heroes, but the need to free Bart from his Black Lantern ring gives the story a great narrative drive.

The Rogues get a fair amount of panel time too, but Captain Cold is clearly the top dog. He rescues Mirror Master from inside a mirror in a cool, striking way. It's a great scene and its even better that he just does it. No talking or planning, he just takes decisive action and rescues his teammate. Johns highlights the rules of the Rogues in a pretty dramatic way too. Captain Cold is not ok with rogues killing women and children, but I'm not sure Captain Boomerang II knew how serious he was about that rule.

Scott Kolins knocks this out of the park. Barry's blue suit looks awesome and contrasts nicely with Wally's shiny red suit. I love the speed-fight between Barry and the Reverse Flash, too. And that closing page may be obvious, but it really drives home the core of all the main characters involved in this thing. Well done.


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