Sunday, February 14, 2010

Wildstorm Revelations TPB

Scott Beatty and Christos Gage do a remarkable job making a lead-in to Armageddon end up as a good time. The core characters for this series are Savant, Nemesis, and Backlash II, and the three ladies come across as a fun group of friends out to save the world. The age spread is vast, since Backlash II is a teenager and the other two are immortal, but they all seem to like each other and they always pause to enjoy themselves while on a dreary task. The sense of fun is palpable throughout; I loved when Savant is teleporting around the world, leading International Operations (think SHIELD) operatives on a wild goose chase while her partners engage in some corporate skullduggery. Savant flashes some revelers in New Orleans and stops for Haggis in Scotland while on the run. It's silly, but she's having fun so the reader has to as well. The book is basically a tour of the Wildstorm U, with the Authority, Stormwatch, WildCATS, IO, and more all showing up. The heroines make a stop in Gamorra too, facing down some classic Wildstorm big bads. I know where this all leads, since I've read Number of the Beast, but this is a nice whirlwind tour of the Wildstorm U before it got blown up. While the ladies don't exactly save the world or resolve the crisis, they have a series of entertaining adventures that makes this book rewarding on its own.

Wes Craig has an art style that fits the modern DCU more than classic Wildstorm, but the publisher has been moving in that direction for some time. Craig's art is classic super-heroey, but he's got comedic timing down too. This was a nice looking book.


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