Sunday, February 21, 2010

Superman: The Coming of Atlas HC

I'm reading the Superman trades out of order, but I realized I had missed this one.

James Robinson is not the same guy he used to be. While there is good stuff here, Id say the ratio is down from Robinson's late 90's work. I like how Robinson writes Krypto's thoughts interspersed with his master's, and Atlas is awesome. Atlas has all the strength and power that Doomsday did, but he's got a mean cunning that takes the place of Doomsday's viciousness. There is a sequence where the art reverts to a Kirby-esque style and we see how Atlas views the world around him. I love the simple greed and entitlement that motivates Atlas. He wants to defeat Superman because he is the strongest person around, and after that, the rest of the world will follow. And Atlas believes it is his right since he's the strongest person on Earth.

The parts that I find more questionable are some of the characterization choices that Robinson makes. I just don't think Superman would hang out with Hal Jordan commenting on how hot Jade was, and how lucky Kyle Rayner was to hook up with her. I don't think he'd speak enviously of all the aliens Hal has banged either. Lois Lane is strangely jealous of Zatanna at one point too, it just didn't sound right coming from her.

One great bonus in this trade is the inclusion of the original Jack Kirby one-shot that introduced Atlas. It was great seeing the inspiration for this new Super-character.

Renato Guedes does a wonderful job with Krypto. His dog body-language is great. I also like how effectively Guedes gives his characters a sense of speed. The heroes and villains are streaking around at each other like missiles, it is quite impressive.


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