Monday, February 8, 2010

Milestone Forever #1

I don't remember where all the Milestone books left off as they were cancelled and to be honest I had dropped a lot of them by that point anyway, because the last creative teams weren't as strong as the first ones. But when Milestone started up, Icon, Hardware, Static, and Blood Syndicate were some of the best books on the stands. And it may be coming about 20 years later, but I'll take any kind of wrap up I can get.

The book opens with Dharma worried about some kind of cosmic calamity, no doubt the event that is shunting Milestone into the DCU. He's looking for someone to help him decide what he needs to do to save the world, and he takes a look at Rocket and some of the other heroes of Dakota to see if any of them can help him. The book shifts over to a great confrontation of the heroes of Dakota as they face down Holocaust and his Blood Syndicate. Tons of great heroes show up here. Icon, of course, and Static and Hardware are great, if limited, in their roles. I loved seeing the classic Syndicate show up too, it's been too long. Really, the Dharma plot is just an excuse to get one more great ride out of these characters. I appreciate the way Dwayne McDuffie wrote this. I think that to get full enjoyment, a reader would have to know the original Milestone characters, but not necessarily have kept up with them. So basically, it is perfect for me.

M.D. Bright and John Paul Leon draw the bulk of the issue, so it's gorgeous. They do a wonderful job of recapturing the magic of the original comics. I really hope that the great Milestone universe doesn't get too messed up as it is assimilated into the DCU.


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