Friday, February 26, 2010

Thunderbolts #141

Jeff Parker puts together a decent enough character piece, but I'm not sure this qualifies as one of the stronger Siege tie-ins so far. He sure knows how to use the Asgardians for full effect though.

After the Headsman lost his head last issue, the team is down two members since the Ghost is AWOL. Ghost does show up (briefly), but only to rat out his teammates to the Mighty Avengers. Four members of that team show up on the last page but it is a little too late for Amadeus Cho, US Agent, Vision, and Stature to get much done this issue.

The rest of the book features the surviving team members sniping at each other and dealing with their awful situation in their own way. Paladin is trying to bury himself in the job, trying to block out how evil the situation has become. Ant-Man is desperate for an ally and is looking to Paladin for backup, but Paly's in no shape to give him any help. Mister X is still just reveling in all these opportunities to kill interesting people (and deities). Scourge is balls-out crazy and alternating between threatening and attacking his own team. The Grizzly is just oblivious and feeling overworked. I do like the way this patchwork team has developed, but clearly it is a failed experiment. I love that Parker is showing us why it it failed on every page. These mercenaries never cared about each other at all and they aren't professional enough for money to lead them to success. This is a good setup for the relaunch in May.

Miguel Sepulveda's faces are all a bit pinched and odd looking and his art tends to be shadowy. That said, he does a great job on the backgrounds, making Asgard seem like an intimidating and foreign place. He does a great job on tech, too. The plane US Agent arrives in looks awesome.


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