Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daredevil #505

Hmm. I think the part of Daredevil's past that interests me the least is all the ninja/Hand stuff, so this arc is not going to be for me.
DD and White Tiger are heading off to Japan to set up a meeting with the Hand's leaders from all over the world. While DD might be in charge, it certainly seems that not all the ninjas involved approve of the involvement of a heroic lawyer. Some of the leaders are bold and come at DD directly while the others seem to have something up their sleeves too. Of course, there is an ulterior motive that motivated the Hand to ask DD to take over, so I think Andy Diggle and Antony Johnston are setting up an eventual return to status quo for the book. I'm looking forward to that, and I"ll probably be sitting out the rest of this arc as I wait for DD to return to New York. I know the Hand has ties to the character and that this story makes sense, but one of my rules of comics is that ninjas make bad villains.
I don't recognize artist Marco Checchetto's name, but he does a decent job keeping the DD house style going. Some character's faces look a bit off and he tends to shade a bit too much. BUT, the closing scene with DD looks fantastic. I also really like his take on the demonic masks some of the Hand are wearing.

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