Tuesday, February 16, 2010

JSA All-Stars #3

This takes place before the recent JSA annual where Magog faced down the JSA at the Haven super-prison. Tensions are already high though. Magog comes across as such a controlling ass, there is no way he can stick around on the team. If he had anyone supporting his point of view, that would be one thing, but he has no allies. Every member of the team agrees with "co-leader" Power Girl, so they're all cheering when she starts wailing on the horned hero during a practice exercise.

I love big team showdowns with their opposites, so having Johnny Sorrow's Injustice society is an easy sell for me. I still don't understand exactly what they're after, but I do like seeing a well-balanced showdown.

Freddie Williams has a bright style that's quite fun. He also has an approach to Power Girl that I hadn't noticed. A friend of mine at the comic store pointed out that her characteristic "window" is absent from her uniform. I hadn't noticed though, because she is still... humongous to say the least. It's funny, why bother closing the window if she's still so endowed.


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