Monday, February 22, 2010

Kid Reviews: Tiny Titans #25

NOTE: This is my daughter's review, but since she turned 5, her old 4-year-old review tag is out of date. We're switching to the more generic "kid review!"

Sometimes Match gets silly because sometimes he has two arms and sometimes he has three. Match is funny because he says "barf arf arf." I liked Stargirl being in the comic. She's brand new. Terra got the red ring because she is angry. Is yellow bad? Joker's daughter got the yellow ring because sometimes clowns scare people. I wanted Starfire to get the Star Sapphire ring because it matches.

I like Ch'p and Gnort. I like it when Match yells about gum. I like that Starfire is the first one to meet Star Girl. I know that because both of their names start with "Star."

Why do you think there is a cupcake on the floor of the place where Speedy trades? I wouldn't eat it because it is on the floor.

Sometimes it looks like the treehouse is talking.

This comic is the best.

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Mart said...

I like that you spotted the link between Stargirl and Starfire. You are very clever.

And you are so right, clowns can be scary!

Yellow is scary, but can be bad too. But all colours are lovely if properly combined.

I love Krypto.