Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Green Lantern #51

Man, I love that the same week Geoff Johns has his nice little Tiny Titans issue coming out, we also have a comic he wrote where one character rips off someone's face by the eyelids. The gore in this thing is through the roof, but that isn't a real surprise at this point.

I do like the interplay between the New Guardians and their new deputies. Larfleeze and Lex Luthor in particular are pretty great in their vying to be top dog of the Orange Lanterns. The bit with Spectre becoming a Red Lantern (briefly) is pretty visually stunning too. It is amusing seeing how many powerful emotions are running around the DCU at any given time.

The big news might be that Star Sapphire/Carol Ferris' may be in more of Hal's thoughts than we thought. He seemed awfully glad to see her when he popped free from Parallax.

Carol looks great too. Doug Mahnke draws her hair particularly well. His Spectre is awesome. I'd love to see him draw a classic version of the Spectre on a regular basis.


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