Thursday, February 4, 2010

Invincible Iron Man #23

This is better than the last issue, but not by much. There is still no real forward movement in the plot. I'm starting to think this book might read better in trade than in floppies. Waiting a month for such incremental developments is getting tiresome. Matt Fraction has some cool elements here, the best is how he's handling the Ghost as he floats around a rural town looking for an unconscious Tony Stark. Other than that, the only big development is that Maria Hill and Pepper Potts both realize that Tony Stark slept with them both while on his run from the law. Good ol Tony Stark always makes time for the ladies. The rest of the book is filled with the Stark's dreamworld stuff, with Dr. Strange providing exposition for us. I'm ready to see the armored Avenger do some straight up fighting again. Between this and World's Most Wanted I don't think Iron Man has straight out fought anyone in a year.

Salvador LaRocca draws entirely too much talking again this month. Let's get some fighting! Maybe Iron Man will actually fight the Ghost next month!


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