Sunday, January 31, 2010

White Tiger TPB

I got this from the library, thinking that I liked the White Tiger's look in current Daredevil comics, and that I should check out this series featuring the legacy heroine. And I can't read it. I'm two issues in and it just seems so... weird. Everyone is calling the Tiger a mutie, like in old 80s comics, and even though there is a costumed villain (King Cobra's son), he doesn't "feel" right. None of the bad guys do. There are some flashbacks to try to get the reader to care about the history with a couple of these guys, but the flashbacks are indistinguishable from the current parts of the story, so I have to read certain pages multiple times to make sure I understand what is happening. And the story isn't good enough to make me work that hard.

Phil Briones' art looks good at times, I think when he took a long time on one image. The storytelling and action scenes are unclear and peoples' faces vary wildly panel to panel. I'm honestly a little surprised at the quality of this mini. It really doesn't seem ready for prime time.


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jbaker said...

To think I was going to get the individual issues. Thanks for the heads up.