Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guardians of the Galaxy #21

Is there a better team book on the stands right now? I don't think so. DnA's cosmic corner is so well fleshed out that the background super-team The Luminals are now an effective rival group for the Guardians. They get a lot of panel time in this issue, and man are they enraging. It's so much fun rooting for "our" team against the more politically connected Xandarian team.

Moondragon is really the star of the issue. She voluntarily... accepts the parasitic creature that is loose in the Guardians HQ in order to protect the Luminals and the other residents of the space station. This whole plotline is super-gross. Moondragon looks pregnant, with gross bumps on her stomach moving around as the creature inside her gets comfortable. She is supposedly keeping it under control with her telepathy, but how long do you think that can last? I also appreciate that the Church of Harmony is totally in love with this entity. Sure, it's demonic and murderous, but it makes the worshippers get the same feeling as when they're praying, so it must be their god, right? Awesome, awesome idea. Factor in the first inklings of the evil universe waiting on the far side of the rift (a universe where "life won") and its clear this book juggles plots better than any other. I'm sure a universe where "life won" might have need of Martyr as the avatar of death too, or dare I hope? Thanos?

Brad Walker handles the varied elements in this perfectly. He draws courtroom scenes, exploding heads, and dramatic alien pregnancies all with a perfect style. He's a great fit for this book.


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jbaker said...

I've believed Thanos would reemerge in this title for about a year, mostly based on circumstantial evidence. If that is his hand on the cover of #24 I'm definetly picking this back up.