Friday, January 22, 2010

Mighty Avengers #33

Dan Slott teases me here. We have glimpses of modern Marvel players in their older (and in my opinion, cooler) identities. This issue has Moonstone, the Scorpion, the real Vision, Iron Lad, the Void, and the blue-mask Sentry. Knowing that things have to go back to normal, we know it can't last, but man, there are some great costumes on display here for a bit. The bulk of the issue is the Mighty and Dark Avengers bouncing off the Absorbing Man while Hank Pym and Norman Osborn race to obtain a cosmic cube. There are multiple bits that show off Dan Slott's mastery of the Marvel U. I loved how Hank Pym convinced Osborn that he'd already won because he's running the show with HAMMER ("Do you honestly think any of that could've happened without you getting your hands on a cosmic cube?") Quicksilver's disdain for Venom (and therefore Spider-Man was wonderful. In fact, I think Dan Slott's best work on this book might be with Quicksilver, not Hank Pym. The book ends with a win for the Dark Avengers and one Mighty Avenger stripped of his heroic role. I can't imagine it will last though, there are some big baddies coming up in this title and the team will need this guy!

We get another month of good Khoi Pham. When given time, he has a great style for action in the mighty Marvel manner. I really liked his take on the original Vision and Moonstone. I will admit Norman Osborn looks a bit inhuman on that cover though.


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