Sunday, January 3, 2010

G.I. Joe Origins #8-10

Larry Hama's second storyline is feeling more and more like classic G.I. Joe. As more and more folks join the cast, the familiar interactions are coming together nicely. I am impressed at some of the new stuff too; I like that Stalker thinks Scarlett is a bit of a loose cannon. It's fun having the lone lady operative be the crazy one on the team too. Breaker and RocknRoll are a fun team, certainly they are the least impressive pairing of the cast so far. I'm also digging Hawk as a politician who can actually get down in the muck and kick butt when he has to. Hawk was always more of a soldier-first kind of guy in the Marvel era, in these IDW books I'd say he's more a general/politician and a soldier second. He's still looking out for his troops though.

Hama always excels when he writes civilians, and the hostages for this storyline prove he hasn't lost his touch. An elderly couple is actually ex-military and quite tough, and they are joined by a rapper and his crew. There is little to no friction as these two disparate groups of Americans come together while captive to try and take on their captors. No helpless prisoners here!

I do wish the art was a bit stronger. I don't recognize Andrea Mutti's name, but the pencils just don't hold up as well as most of the other IDW stuff so far. I would like to see the house style from the core Joe title used more in this spin-off. Let the experimental stuff stay in the Cobra miniseries, I want my core Joe books to look "classic."


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