Monday, January 25, 2010

Power Girl #8

This makes two really fun issues in a row. This book is looking up! Vardox and PG deal with the beasties from last issue pretty easily, and despite her best intentions, she feels a bit sad for the socially clueless alien. So she agrees to dinner with him, leading to some rom-com staples that would have me groaning in any other book. When Vardox shows up in a thong, or burns dinner, these aren't real problems for a hero to deal with. BUT. It works. PG's strength in this series is how she's just a normal lady with an odd hobby and that works again here. She puts up with some weird, wild stuff to save Vardox's planet, and gets home just in time for her alarm clock to go off. She's a bit of a sad sack, but she's fun.

I'm liking this new villain with her animal henchmen too. There are some nice opportunities for comedy with this set up too.

Amanda Connor makes this book work. The whole feel is defined by her comedic sensibilities, and the natural feel of the humorous situations feel right because her art sells it.


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