Thursday, January 28, 2010

Captain America: Reborn #7

This ended up as a nice conclusion to the mini, although it is really a good Avengers story more than anything else. When we last saw Captain America, he was possessed by the Red Skull and was strangling Winter Cap while the rest of the Avengers battled a horde of MODOKs in DC. The book opens with Hank Pym punching his way through AIM techies as he makes his way to Sharon Carter to bust her loose. Soon the pair of them are heading after the Vision (who Pym calls "old friend," so clearly Ed Brubaker wants the old Vision back too). Meanwhile, Cap manages to throw off the Skull's domination through sheer force of will. No fancy plot devices, Cap is just stronger willed. This bounces the Skull into another robot body. He's understandably furious. I'm not sure why Sharon Carter blasts the Skullbot with a growing ray, but the overwhelmed Avengers aren't up to stopping him. So Pym, the Vision, and Sharon blast him with some AIM missiles, ending the storyline and the threat. It really was a bombastic battle in the mighty Marvel manner. It was a pleasant surprise, with all the mental hurdles Steve faced in this series, I was expecting a more cerebral showdown.
There are a few interesting epilogues, including one where Cap thinks about a possible future he saw where he and Sharon had kids. Of course, that same future came to an end in some sort of apocalyptic battle, so Steve wants to know if he can just keep parts of it. We also see that the Skull's daughter, Sin, was badly burned when her father blown up, leaving her face looking like a very familiar reddish skull.

Bryan Hitch's pencils are loose here, and Butch Guice doesn't tighten them up as much as he usually does. The art is clear, but it does look just a tad unfinished in places.


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