Thursday, January 21, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #44

When crap needs to get done, the Guardians call the planet with a plan. Here comes Mogo!

The Black Lanterns are still attacking the central battery and despite the mass destruction Guy Gardner is causing, the Corps is in rough shape. At least until Mogo makes his plan known to the Corps. He quickly and efficiently takes on the entire army of Black Lanterns, and deals with them in a distinctivley Mogo fashion. I really like how Peter Tomasi shifts the focus of the title. We've been dealing with Black Lanterns for months and months now, but that seems to be handled at the close of the issue. Now Kyle, Soranik, and the rest have to deal with a raging Guy Gardner: Red Lantern. There are some nice clues dropped here and there that Salakk and some of the other Lanterns are getting mighty fed up with the Guardians and their secret orders, so I'm expecting a big shake-up after Blackest Night.

Patrick Gleason brings an unparalleled level of detail to this book. He does it every month. The splash pages are chaotic battlegrounds of well-rendered, unique characters. The facial expressions and "acting" are top notch. The gore is splattery and fun. I love this book!


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