Friday, January 29, 2010

Avengers: The Initiative #32

Look at that cover! Best of the month, I think. Both characters look fantastic.

I can never get enough Taskmaster. Christos Gage actually uses this crossover as an opportunity to narrow his
focus. This book has had a huge cast for months, but now that Siege is in effect, he spends most of his time with Taskmaster, the Constrictor, and Diamondback. The Avengers Resistance like Tigra and Justice still get some panel time, but the bulk of the issue is a great character study of the Taskmaster. Taskmaster is so desperate to prove that he belongs with the A-list villains that he's trying to convince fellow "pro" Constrictor into going all-out in the attack on Asgard. It's a neat transition, seeing Tasky switch from his normal lead from the rear personality to a fighting maniac. He's throwing himself all over the fight, including a great closing sequence with dueling narration boxes from him and Diamondback. Gage does a tremendous job making that scene from Siege #1 work, Diamondback should never have been in those panels for the Thor takedown, but Gage makes it work. Also, Gage actually gives Quicksand some dialogue, so that's bonus points right there. Any hope for Mongoose?

Mahmud Asrar has a clean style that works really well on super-heroics. I hate to see him leave Dynamo 5, but he really can handle a Marvel team book at this point. His Taskmaster is particularly fun.


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