Monday, January 4, 2010

Thor #605

Kieron Gillen promised some smashing, and he delivers it in his second issue. Thor has returned to aid Baldur and the other Asgardians in dealing with the treacherous Dr. Doom. Doom has killed and transformed numerous Asgardians into gross undead cyborgs. There are some great moments in this. Thor's tremendous, atomizing lightning blast was exactly what I want in a Thor comic. I also dug how quickly Baldur backed down in trying to face down Thor too. When your big gun decides to show up late, you don't give him a hard time when he saves your butt.

I do like how JMS and Gillen have turned Kelda into a goddess that everyone really liked. The chance to bring her back from death is enough to get Loki's guards to let him free, proving how much they want her back. Loki surprised me then, he actually showed up to try and save Kelda! I'm not sure what game he's playing, but between how he's manipulating Dr. Doom and Norman Osborn, he's never been more important to the Marvel Universe.

Billy Tan's art is scratchier than last issue. This is more in line with what I expect from him, it's not awful, but it isn't my favorite either.



Mart said...

Good reviews such as this have got me back reading Thor again - this issue and last were just tremendous.

Timbotron said...

Glad to hear it! Gillen is really impressing me in these Marvel books. If you are ready for another crazy suggestion... check out Dark Avengers: Ares. I'll be reviewing it shortly.