Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Walking Dead #69

After a few months off, Rick's crew finally gets back in the zombie-killing business. As the survivors approach the "safe" settlement outside DC, they spot a flare signalling trouble for some of their new allies' scavengers in the city. There's a great confrontation as Rick tries to take command of the rescue operation but the scouts from the settlement don't go along easily. There is a great line about how hard they are trying to make Rick trust them, but they aren't about to debate a plan when their friends' lives are on the line. Rick and co. get into DC quickly and find the injured scavengers, and Rick is callous in how he treats the wounded man. It's a cool moment because another of the scavengers immediately worries that Rick is too much like . I'm telling you, I'm really worried that Rick is going to be the "bad guy" in this new settlement. He makes hard decisions by default now, it is going to be hard for him to fit in with a functioning society. The weird part is that Abraham may end up being able to flip off his psycho switch easier than Rick.

There are some great action sequences as a convoy of vehicles escape a swarm of zombies in DC, and I can't help but imagine how cool this would look in a movie. And dang if seeing Rick's face on that last page doesn't make me hopeful. I really hope he has a chance for happiness. His whole group deserves it.

Charlie Adlard has a ton of different looking folks showing up from the new settlement. New hairstyles, body shapes, and facial hair should help us keep everybody straight for awhile.


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