Friday, January 8, 2010

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2

If DC isn't careful, I may just come out of Blackest Night a fan of a royal DC heroine. Oh, I'm not talking about Wonder Woman, I mean Mera. This issue has absolutely no bridge between it and the first issue in this limited series. In issue 1, Diana was flying off to Coast City to help out the other heroes, and I saw her arrive in the core Blackest Night series. But in this issue, Mera and Diana are fighting on some dock? I guess in Coast City? Must be, because nothing else makes sense.

Diana is possessed by a Black Lantern ring, which in addition to making people crave hearts, it also seems to boost their smack-talking abilities. While possessed, WW actually says she's "in the mood for fish. You'll do" to Mera. I mean, c'mon, I thought the Black Lanterns were supposed to channel the personality of the possessee, but WW would never talk like that. I did like the fight, and having WW overcome the Black Lantern control, even for a moment, was pretty cool.

Then there's some sort of weird sequence where WW dreams of killing her buddies and Mom, but it didn't really happen becuase Aphrodite was protecting her from her possession? Wha huh? That's like, literally a deus ex machina, right?

The art in this second issue is terribly uneven. The backgrounds are sparse throughout (just a smeary green everywhere you look) and there is too much black. WW, Donna Troy, the ground, everything is just shades of grey. I did really like Nicola Scott's take on Hippolyta, not just because she was the brightest thing in the issue, she actually looked inspiring and tough. Eduardo Pansica helped out with the pencils this issue, and man, is it obvious which pages he did vs. Scott. Nicola Scott is a tough artist to have to go up against, putting Pansica at a disadvantage from the start.


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un_taco said...

Good review, I too was disappointed with this issue compared to the last. So far it seems we've had two one-shots, not a mini-series.