Sunday, January 10, 2010

Best of the 2000's #7: Annihilation/Guardians of the Galaxy/Nova by DnA and various

#7: Annihilation/Guardians of the Galaxy/Nova by DNA & various

Most of the series I'm talking about here have ended, but we're lucky that some of the best series of the 2000's are still going. DnA are still knocking it out of the park every month in Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, and Realm of Kings. Really, I've enjoyed all of the core Annihilation series, with some of the spin-offs holding up quite well. Star-Lord in particular was a fun ride from start to finish.

What is so wonderful about the modern era of Marvel cosmic is how well connected everything is. DnA can juggle the titles in such a way that the connections only matter if you are reading every book. Each title stands on its own as well. Every little bit of plot has a payoff. Every guest-star has a tie to something important. DnA love their history, and great, lost characters are dusted off and put back in play all the time. Project Pegasus, Quasar, Death's Head, Dr. Necker, Maelstrom, Darkhawk, the list goes on and on. The way DnA have turned Nova into such a main-eventer has been wonderful too, the guy was an Earthling scrub for so long, it wasn't easy to turn him into the universe's equivalent of Superman. These are the best comics you're not reading.

The art has been almost all great, and regular artists Andrea DeVito and Brad Walker have a wonderful blend of modern grit and classic brightness that make this feel jus right. These are your favorite heroes from your youth set into difficult modern circumstances.


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Dom said...

I feel like the Nova Corps are, at their core, a knock off of the Lantern Corps form DC. They have some differences, but the overall idea feels the same...just less jewelry.