Monday, January 11, 2010

Best of 2000's #6: Fables by Bill Willingham & various

#6: Fables by Bill Willingham & various

Here is another of the best of 2000's that is still going strong. Bill Willingham shocked me with just how fantastic his vision for the world of exiled fables could be. I wasn't entirely sold until the brilliant Animal Farm arc, where Goldilocks and the Three Bears led a rebellion that was so well planned and dirty that I thought it could succeed. Willingham always brings top-notch threats against his protagonists. The March of the Wooden Soldiers was an instant classic, and the exiles retaliation in the Homelands arc was a high point as well. The book has drifted a bit since taking out the Adversary, but he had so much buildup it is going to take time before another threat seems as terrible.

One of my favorite things about Willingham's writing is how logical and well-spoken his characters are. They are always willing to be reasonable and discuss a situation, and when they apply violence, it is always with a clear goal in mind. And Willingham's violence is top-notch too. Try to say "snicker-snack" without a grin on your face!

Mark Buckingham has handled the bulk of the artwork, and his pencils are the lens we see the Fables through. Mike Allred and more have lent assistance to certain arcs, making this one of the most consistently nice-looking books on the stands.


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