Monday, January 4, 2010

Scalped TPB 3: Dead Mothers TPB

Jason Aaron is taking the slow road in this series. If I was reading this monthly, I could see getting annoyed at the lack of forward momentum. We're 3 books in, and we're barely any closer to finding out who murdered who and who is betraying who. I could see how some people would be disappointed.

I'm not.

Aaron is taking his time weaving a tale that has some of the richest characters I've ever read about. Dash Bad Horse's reaction to the death of a loved one is so well presented, you can't help but appreciate the guy. He's a tough bastard, but occasionally he does crack. Dash's taking of a recent orphan under his wing just drives home how he is a good guy at heart. If he had the chance, he'd be a great guy. But in his world, usually all he can do is hand out punishments, not redemption. He tries his best, but the reservation is too hard a place.

After some thoughts that Diesel Engine was a good guy doing some bad stuff, it is clear he is bad through and through. I'm not anxiously awaiting Dash getting his hands on him. The confrontation between Diesel and the orphan is predictable and a bit emotionally manipulative, but damn if it doesn't work.

R.M Guera is still drawing this book perfectly. You can feel the heat baking everyone who appears on the page. The designs for the new Hmong enforcers are tremendous too. Great stuff.


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