Saturday, January 2, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man: Death & Dating TPB

This is the strongest Brand New Day trade so far. There are two interesting things to note about this trade. The first is that it features writing by classic Spidey scribes Mark Waid and Roger Stern. The second is that it has the return of classic Spidey villains, including the Shocker and Molten Man. I'm not sure which return is influencing my opinion more, but I am really pleased with the product. This was actually the last Spidey trade I had ordered, I had planned on dropping the book, but now I'm in for at least one more trade.

The Roger Stern story was my favorite. With classic artist Lee Weeks on art, this felt more like Spidey than anything else I've read in ages. Spidey is down on his luck but still so plucky and determined, it's easy to see why we cheer for the guy.

In Mark Waid's claustrophobic thriller, the Shockers is a bad dude. I love how he and Spidey know each other so well they really can't surprise each other. Except when they do. Shocker was a bit more cold-blooded than I thought he was, but I guess I don't know the character that well. Maybe he always has been ok with killing folks. Spidey was almost too put upon here, the guy gets worked over a ton. But again, that's classic Spidey, isn't it?

The Molten Man/Norman Osborn story was worth it just for the insinuation that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are more than friends. Wonderful.

So more of this please, Spider-office!


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Jeff said...

LOVED that Roger Stern story! It was awesome--and anything Lee Weeks draws is just heavenly to look at. I completely agree.