Monday, January 25, 2010

Blackest Night: Flash #2

This is not a story that needs to be told, but Geoff Johns does a nice job catching us up with the rogues. While the big crossover is happening out in Coast City, the Flash's rogues are facing down their own dead. I'm a tad confused what the Black Lanterns are trying to accomplish, since Nekron is already back in the main series. I guess there are still Black Lanterns out there following their own agendas?

It doesn't matter, the value in this issue is seeing how Johns continues to flesh out these characters. Captain Cold gets to give his sister the cold shoulder. Weather Wizard has to hope his fellows don't hear about his grand plans. The Mirror Master is still trying to prove he's a worth heir to the name. This is all good stuff with plenty of ties to both current events and Johns' original run on the Flash. I still don't care too much about Barry Allen though. I was most excited in the few instances where I got to see Wally West. He really is a forgotten man in the DCU these days.

Scott Kolins should be drawing Wally West, not Barry Allen. I must admit I do love seeing the rogues looking "right" again.


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