Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Invincible #69

I'm glad Robert Kirkman is keeping things Earth-bound again. Well, all the threats this issue actually do come from other planets, but at least the action is on Earth. Kirkman has built up his corner of the Image universe so completely that I get bummed if I don't see Monster Girl or Robot for too long.

Universa seems like the generic alien powerhouse. I'm not sure if she's actually a villain or not, but she needs to drain the Earth dry to power her dying planet. I dug seeing Atom Eve and Invincible teaming up to take her on, and even better, due to Eve's power fluctuations, she had to step outside her comfort zone to take out the villain.

The other threat for the issue is the return of the sequids, the cool little brain octopi that basically work like tougher-talking Starros. I really dug the Guardians of the Globe having to evacuate potential hosts to stop the invasion. The approach makes sense, since the little buggers get stronger the more hosts they have, but still, I liked seeing scared bystanders porting out of the danger zone. It does seem the Guardians are overmatched though. Brit helps in the power-house department, but the team needs a couple more members to make up for losing the Immortal, Duplicate, and Rex Splode.

Ryan Ottley is great. Sure, I can't help but notice Universa and Eve have almost the same face, but that's ok. Those little sequids always look so gross, I think they might be my favorite Invincible villains.


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