Wednesday, August 29, 2012

X-Men Legacy #272

It’s a real bummer to me that Christos Gage is going to be moving off the Legacy title, and his last arc is a weird, alternate dimension story with no impact on the “real” Marvel U.

Gage has put some work in developing this world, its creatures, and its history, but it seems like the pages are just kind of taking up space. I’m sure that’s because Gage can’t really address the post-AvX status quo like some of the other Marvel creators are doing, he’s got to tread water until the crossover finishes. That means we have a well-written and likable lead off spinning her wheels. Too bad she couldn’t have been dumped in the Savage Land or with the Star Jammers instead. Heck, Gage could team Rogue up with Hercules and have them fight Black Tom Cassidy for a couple issues. Anything other than this exile!

Rafa Sandoval continues to do a solid job on pencils; he gets a lot more creepy-crawlies to do this issue. The horde of bugs is pretty creepy, especially with their helmets! What bugs wear helmets??? I’m not sure if the other side is supposed to be lion-men or more human-like with weird features. Again, I’m not sure that totally matters.


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