Friday, August 17, 2012

Walking Dead #101

Hoo doggies! I think it’s time for Andrea to be put in charge, don’t you?

Man, Kirkman sure didn’t wait long to slap another moral quandary in front of our leads, did he? I really appreciate the pacing in this book, I mean, after last issue’s heart-wrenching death, it would be easy to sit around and mourn. But no, Rick is still tearing stuff up on the Hilltop, and burning rubber to get back home.

I love that Jesus is joining up with our crew, too. He’s clearly a huge bad a$$, and it makes Abraham’s death a few issues ago easier to take. There is only one spot for #2 tough guy in our cast, and with Tyreese and Abraham gone, Jesus clearly saw an opening. I hope he sticks around for awhile.

Kirkman also does a nice job with Sophia, Carl, and Maggie. They all react in realistic ways to the loss last month. I appreciate how quickly Maggie is able to get herself back under control and start making reasoned choices. I don’t think we’ll see her as much, but that’s OK. It’s nice having someone leave the cast without dying! And as for Carl, I finally have some hope that he’s not a junior sociopath after all. He shows a lot of understanding and emotion with Sophia.

One favor: Kirkman, please name dreadlock dude in the dialogue, please. I can’t remember his name, and he’s sticking around for at least a bit, right?

Charlie Adlard kicks it with the pencils again. One concern this time: am I supposed to recognize that guy at the end? Cause I don’t. That’s the problem with too many folks looking similar; and this guy has a burned face and I still can’t recognize him!

All this, and NO ZOMBIES! Amazing!


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