Monday, August 27, 2012

Secret Avengers #30

Attention comic companies: When I’m flipping through books figuring out which one I just have to read first, I will ALWAYS choose the cover with Bi-Beast. Let’s just get that out of the way. (Bi-Beast doesn’t actually do anything in the issue, but man, he sure does look good on the Arthur Adams cover.)

Rick Remender really loves Hawkeye. Hawk is acting like his old self, cracking jokes, busting on the villains, and still bossing around his teammates. Without a doubt, this is the Hawkeye that I remember, and out of all the places the character is appearing these days, this is the “real” version as far as I’m concerned.

I like Remender’s choice to narrow the focus with a smaller team. Venom spends most of the issue fighting, and Ant-Man doesn’t really have a lot to do. This book stars Hawkeye and Valkyrie above all the others. (I also like the use of Hank Pym as the equipment man. He gets lots of respect even when he’s not on the page!) They have a fantastic chase sequence as they run down Taskmaster and Vengeance. I don’t remember Vengeance at all, but I love him in this. Spouting gibberish about pollution and inner corruption, he sure sets himself up for some Hawkeye-insults. Great.

Max Fury’s Masters of Evil don’t seem to long for this world. He full on admits that he has no right to the name or membership, but that didn’t stop him. I’m a little bummed that this huge crew is going to break up so fast; there is a lot of potential here.

Matteo Scalera impresses me a lot more here than last month. He has a wonderful sequence where Hawkeye is being knocked off a roof and launches a bunker-buster arrow at Vengeance. It’s a tremendous action scene, and would look great in a movie. I don’t love the Taskmaster transformation, but that’s mainly because I love Scalera’s take on the classic suit, no need for a Serpent Crown version. (I’m sure it’s short term, though.)


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