Thursday, August 16, 2012

Daredevil Annual #1

I find that "#1" a bit suspect... I suppose it's correct for this volume of Daredevil. But man, there must be a lot of confusing Annuals out there.

Wow. Alan Davis sure draws one hulking Daredevil! The guy looks like a professional wrestler! I’m used to seeing the more slim, athletic take on the character, I kind of like this bulked up version. Davis does an absolutely wonderful job show DD’s acrobatics too. There are some wonderful panels where DD is swinging down the street or bouncing off rooftops. The best sequence of the issue is the one where DD realizes he’s being followed and tries to double back on his shadow. Great use of powers and it is a cool show of character too.

This issue is a bit easier to follow than the Fantastic Four Annual a few weeks ago. Plus, we get two of the more recognizable members of the ClanDestine. Cuckoo is a telepath and manipulator and Dominic, the acrobat. I’m not sure Dominic is actually named, though, so this would be a tough read for folks not familiar with the Clan already. But wow, anyone should be able to appreciate that Daredevil vs. Dominic fight. Two sets of super-senses make it one fantastic looking battle. I also love that Dominic’s super-sensitivity gives him a glass jaw. What a hilarious weakness.

I don’t know the Plastoid at all, but I’m happy to see Davis tying the plot into Daredevil’s past. That makes this feel like it is still a Daredevil story. I appreciate the simple nature of the Plastoid’s eventual defeat too. Sometimes, the comic book way is best!

It’s interesting that Davis seems to be working so hard to put his pet characters in the grey area of Marvel heroics. He’s doing a really good job. These folks do seem to have the greater good as a goal, but they are willing to do shady things to get there. It’s also nice seeing the mystery at the close of the issue. When Daredevil asks Dr. Strange if there really was a “ghost in the machine,” Strange answers that if the ClanDestine couldn’t tell how could he?

I’m enjoying this tour of the Marvel U and the return of the ClanDestine. Hopefully we’ll get Walter/Wallop (blue strong guy) and Sam (armor and blades lady) next time.


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Devin said...

I realize it's a comic about a blind guy, but that cover treatment is terrible.

Looks like it's a Joker's Last Laugh tie-in.