Saturday, August 11, 2012

Avengers Academy #34

Is Christos Gage having to wrap things up? I sort of get that impression as he finally brings the Alchemist back, and sort of reveals the villain’s end-game strategy.

There is no doubting that Gage is back plotting his own material. As soon as the focus returns to the students and their missing members, the momentum immediately picks up. The book hasn’t been this strong in a few months, as AvX and other crossovers dominated the storyline. I’m glad the focus seems to be back.

The Alchemist is out to change the world, all right. He has created an airborne version of the SPIN tech from the Avengers: Initiative title and he plans to release it into the atmosphere to remove the powers of the super-human population. Then he’ll gradually give powers back to those he feels can use their powers “properly.” I love it. Classic villain talk from a kid who always sounds reasonable, even when he’s attacking other kids. I loved Jocasta’s reaction; I guess robots are gullible too.

The fractured class splits even further when the Alchemist makes his ultimatum. He’s got a few of the ladies from the Young Masters of Evil already, and Veil sided with him a few months ago. Striker, Mettle, and Hazmat also feel forced to side with him, although I really don’t see that sticking. White Tiger, X-23, Finesse (surprisingly!), and Reptil (of course) are going to do all they can to stop the plan. I love it; Reptil is so darn reliable in always choosing the right thing. He’s a fun character.

I’m glad Tom Grummett is back on art. He’s not the flashiest artist, but he’s been reliable for a long time, and no one draws costumes better. I will admit he draws adults better than kids; his Jocasta is the best-looking character in the book. I did enjoy this take on Big Zero, Enchantress, and Coat of Arms from the Young Masters, especially Big Zero.


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