Saturday, August 4, 2012

Batwoman: Hydrology HC

So it looks like Batwoman is another of the lucky characters that gets to ignore the reboot, right? She still had her relationship with Renee Montoya, I assume Montoya was never the Question, though, right? Did Question exist in the new 52? These are the pointless questions that keep me from buying the new 52 titles. This is another pick-up from my local library. (So far, they are pretty light on the new 52 trades!)

I can recognize the inherent skill in JH Williams’ work. It’s absolutely beautiful. The pages where BW’s cape forms the panels, the weird way he makes the water warp the page layout; it’s just gorgeous stuff. Now, is the action and storytelling always clear? Not always, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay for art this challenging and impressive. Amy Reeder’s panels aren’t as revolutionary, she seems to get all the “real life” stuff, but her art is clear and the emotions come through strongly. The art in this package is fantastic.

The story? Well, it’s slow, and violent. Those are probably the best two words to describe it. The hook-handed guy who seems to be the main bad guy only makes one (albeit vicious) appearance and I don’t understand how he ties into the greater plot. Judging by the costumes, the Medusa group is at war with those silly animal men from previous Batwoman stories, but how Mr. Hook fits in I’m unclear on. The weeping woman is a great visual, but I’m pretty confused on how she fits in too.

I am happy to see Director Bones show up with Cameron Chase again. So did Bones serve as part of Infinity Inc? Did Chase meet Booster Gold and Firehawk in her own series? Why do I keep asking these questions with no answers?

This is another example of the new 52’s age leveling too. There’s a fairly intense scene that alternates between a hookup and an evisceration, so yeah, won’t be showing my daughters this one!

Maybe I should just turn off my brain and enjoy the art for book?


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Martin Gray said...

Sounds like we had the same response to this run - nice art, muddled stories. I look forward to your views on the next volume, which I won't have read.