Thursday, August 9, 2012

Captain America #635

Well, now isn’t this a nice, refreshing reminder of what comics can do? Cullen Bunn is quickly becoming a go-to guy for Marvel, filling in on a ton of books. I can see why. He’s picked up this Cap team-up title and made it a delightful trip through the possibilities of the Marvel U.

This issue wraps things up quickly. It sort of has to, since this is a three part story featuring a whole lot of characters. Most of the legwork was set up in the last few issues, so Stark is able to resolve the overarching virus plotline with the help of his robot-hornets from a few issues ago. Likewise, Cap figures out he’s running out of pages and mops the floor with Batroc and his Brigade. (I maintain that I love Bunn’s new Machete. She’s a big ball of rage and she’s fun to watch.)

I will admit to being totally puzzled by the closing pages. I guess there might be some new villain organization out there, but I’m not sure I understand them. Was that base sitting in a field of destroyed Marvel tech? Did I see a helicarrier?

Barry Kitson’s art is a bit tighter this month. I will say that I don’t care for his take on Iron Man’s current armor. The eyes are too big and weird, and the blue light-up doesn’t totally work for me either. I’m looking forward to the gold and black armor of Marvel NOW. And that new MODOK. I get it, he's creepier and more threatening. But he's not MODOK.

I do appreciate that this story is pretty much all-ages. It reminds me of the super-hero comics I loved as a kid. Next month, Black Widow, right? Sounds good to me!


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