Wednesday, August 1, 2012

X-Men Legacy #270

I enjoy this comic, but I won’t be crushed when it is cancelled for the Marvel NOW push. I really dig Christos Gage’s take on Rogue, it’s just that too often the story in this title is just on the periphery of the “real” story taking place in another title. Once again, this issue is an Avengers vs. X-Men crossover, with the main focus on Rogue and Ms. Marvel.

Gage doesn’t skimp on the interpersonal interaction, though. We get to see how Magik is treating her Avenger prisoners, and it looks horrific. Rogue can barely even play along with her Phoenix Five teammate, and Magik is barely out the door when Rogue starts trying to bust Ms. M out. Most of the action takes place inside Rogue’s psyche as she attempts to absorb the powers and look of one of Magik’s pet demons, but of course, demons know a little bit about possession.

Rogue and Ms. Marvel have a brief moment to bond, but it’s short-lived. Magik returns and Rogue’s got no chance against her. Looking at it, it seems that Rogue would have been better off trying to get more moderate X-Men involved. She’s absolutely right when she says that Iceman wouldn’t go along with this. Magneto? Maybe. Rogue clearly thinks more of him than I do.

I’m a tad worried because it looks like the next issue features Rogue trapped in some alien dimension, further cut off from the main conflicts and storylines. On the one hand, I’m pleased that her story could actually lead to some real repercussions, but I’m annoyed that Rogue is being shunted off the board in AvX.

David Baldeon’s work is fine, but Mark Brooks’ covers are a lot to live up to. I’m amazed Baldeon can draw gross things like the leech-headed Rogue and lamprey-like demons and maintain his cartoony look. But he does it!


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