Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #12

I had every intention of dropping this book and moving on from the DCU, but when I saw the issue on the stands, I couldn’t do it. I love Peter Tomasi’s corner of the DCU too much. His handle on Guy Gardner and John Stewart make this one of the few places I’m still coming back to for my DC-style entertainment.

The battle with the Alpha Lanterns is over, and it’s pretty final. The concept as a whole was a bit of an odd one, the robot-lantern internal affairs. Well, we won’t be seeing them again anytime soon. It’s interesting, Green Man and Boodika were fairly well-established lanterns, and Varix certainly seemed like he had potential, but I think those days might be done.

The Alphas go out tough, tough. The half-dozen of them actually defeat the entire Green Lantern Corps; only through the defection of one member do the living lanterns even have a chance.

Clearly this is tying into the continued corruption of the Guardians, as they prepare for the “Third Army” or whatever, but it’s interesting seeing a fairly distinct chapter of GL history close. (I think the Alphas first showed up right before Final Crisis, right?)

Fernando Pasarin's visuals of the Alpha’s victory are simply fantastic. Dozens, maybe hundreds of lanterns with a green pole through their heads, with them all wriggling and struggling like fish on a line. Wow!


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Robert Johnson said...

I thought the Alphas were the response to the Sinestro Corps War and how to combat the new colors on the block.