Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Avenging Spider-Man #10

So these two issues are pretty much Marvel Team-Up. Captain Marvel (the former Ms. Marvel) has at least as big a role in this arc as Spidey. I’m not complaining at all, it’s just interesting. I like what happens when you put Spidey with some strong creators and a random hero and let them go.

Not that this creator was entirely random. Kelly Sue DeConnick is writing the new Captain Marvel series. She clearly has a strong voice down for Captain Marvel. The new Cap is confident, bossy, and very obsessed with flying. All of those things make sense; it’s just taking me a moment to get used to it. All the recent history with Ms. M was always about her trying to live up to heroic potential, so seeing her so confident in the role is a bit of a switch.

I don’t actually think that Captain Marvel and Spidey make that good of a team-up. However, Carol Danvers and Peter Parker is a pretty good match. I enjoy the banter and the chemistry the two have when they are out of costume. I think having a bit stronger of a villain might have made a difference in the costumed sections; it’s just a little too timely having an “Occupy” based antagonist. I really like her dialogue; it’s just a bit silly. That said, I'm always down for new evil corporations in the Marvel U. I hope to see National Federal Bank up to no good in other titles.

Terry Dodson handles the art, and of course, does a great job. Robyn Hood has a nice design, and I’d actually like to see more of a flying, growing, robot. That’s a new power-set I don’t think we’ve seen before. Now that I’ve seen a great artist handle it, I’ve decided I’m not a fan of the new Captain Marvel suit. The constantly spiky hair is odd. The suit itself is still a tad generic looking. And I loved Ms. Marvel’s mask, so losing that bums me out too.


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