Thursday, August 30, 2012

Captain America #635.1

Hmm. Marvel really seems to be enjoying this Atlanteans/Thule Society thing, don’t they? I first remember seeing it in Fear Itself, but I think it’s been pretty prominent since. Interesting.

Cullen Bunn does a nice job differentiating his WWII-era Cap from his modern one. Cap in the 40’s was a lot simpler. He’s out to inspire the troops, and he really over-thinks everything. We don’t get many internal monologues like this anymore, but they used to be the norm. I like that the flashback-era story has some flashback-era storytelling.

Man, jerk Namor is one of my favorite characters. He’s mean to everyone! Teammates, enemies, random people on the street, Namor has time to hate on them all. This issue has a strange group approach him on a membership drive, and Namor doesn’t exactly ace the interview. He’s surrounded by an obviously well-prepared and well-funded group, and he’s not impressed or cowed in the least. (Interesting that he didn’t join, though, isn’t it?)

As for this secret society, the Covenant, I don’t’ recognize most of the members. Ulysses Bloodstone has always been a stand-up guy, but the rest of these guys are mysteries to me. I do like the look of Murderous Lion and The Menace, though. I can only hope Menace’s name is “Dennis” under that mask!

Will Conrad’s art interests me. He used to be a Mike Deodato clone, but now he’s got a clean style of his own. I really like his facial expressions. Pretty sparse backgrounds, though, a little more detail would really clarify the jumps in time and location.


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