Thursday, August 23, 2012

Daredevil #17

Mark me down for a poster when Marvel makes the right move and blows up this cover. What a great shot.

What a joy it is to see Mike Allred work on Daredevil. If there is one thing that Waid has been emphasizing on this run, it’s been the fun that DD is having doing his job. In the old days, even the dark threats of attempted murder and blackmail couldn’t bring down Matt Murdock. Waid delivers a nice little gift to his guest artist, providing a bouncy, action-packed story that shows off the strengths of both the artists and the series.

Really, Daredevil sums up the reason I love this book so much, “For the first time in a long while, I like my life. I like who I am. I’m a winner. Just like my Dad.” Now that’s an upbeat hero I want to see more of! Comics aren’t complicated, people. Show a cool hero we can root for and some cool villains in costume, and that’s the recipe for success. Waid gets it!

It makes sense that Allred’s issue would be a flashback/done-in-one, because his style is so different than the regular pencilers for this series. That said, Allred is a perfect fit. I don’t remember Stilt-Man’s mask being a full-cover like this, but it looks good so I’m not complaining. Look at the way Allred shows DD’s acrobatics with those shadowy after-images! Scott McDaniel did that years ago on Nightwing, and I still love it now. Heck, even the freeze-frame acrobatics work; check out the panel where DD tosses his billy club to take out Foggy’s attacker. Wonderful!


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