Sunday, August 26, 2012

Green Lantern #12

Well, that was a tad anticlimactic. The second arc of the relaunched Green Lantern has been a bit scattered. Geoff Johns is trying to set up the big Third Army arc, put Black Hand back in rotation after Blackest Night, and resolve the mysteries of the Indigo Tribe. I think the succeeded on the first and last, but the Black Hand bit rings a bit hollow.

It’s hard to follow-up on a definitive story like Blackest Night, but Johns gives it a try. He spent last issue really ramping up the creepiness factor with the zombie family and spooky setting. Unfortunately, when Hal and Sinestro come zooming in and start blowing regular zombies away with their super-powered space weapons, the balance seems a bit off. I do like the way Johns wraps up the threat (with Sinestro blowing up his power battery) but that seems like it was just easier than hanging around torching zombies from the air. The threat is just a bit anticlimactic.

The art is pretty uneven too. Renato Guedes has been putting out some beautiful work recently, and he does so again on some of the pages of this comic. Jim Calafiore is a solid super-hero artist in his own right, and the book looks good on his pages too. However, the two tastes do not go well together. The artistic shifts are jarring and took me out of the book each time they switched.



Martin Gray said...

I know Blackest Night was a top seller, but are people not sick of superhero zombies yet? Oh well, nice review!

Timbotron said...

Even worse, these were just normal zombies! So it wasn't even a good fight!

Robert Johnson said...

Is Hal Jordan as the "greatest Black Lantern" supposed to allude to Hal going rogue again via Atrocitous' latest prophecy when he started the Red Lantern Corps (pre-Blackest Night)?