Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Secret Avengers #19

I'm still just tickled that there is an Avengers title out there that feels so right. Bendis loves the dialogue and relationships, but Warren Ellis is writing an Avengers comic where crap gets done!

This issue features Steve Rogers, Moon Knight (in a suit), Black Widow, and Sharon Carter. It's pretty great, because while this is still an Avengers comic with big baddies like elder gods, it works just as well as a drug-bust comic. The street-level heroes are all packing knockout guns and blasting their way around; it's pretty entertaining.

The high point of the issue has to be Steve Rogers' street fight. It's light on dialogue, but man, these amped up drug-dealers are a real threat. Steve is sporting a shiner for the rest of the issue after taking out just one of these guys. From that point on, it's K-O gun time! Moon Knight gets some sweet undercover action in his white suit too. More heroes need a formal-wear version of their costumes!

Michael Lark is a chameleon. This looks street-level and gritty, as it needs to, the big moments all get to shine. That double page knockout in the middle works because it is so jarring from the rest of the story.


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