Friday, November 18, 2011

Batman & Robin #3

While my interest in the greater DCnU is waning, the books that have continued right along are still great. Peter Tomasi is writing some of the best Alfred moments I’ve ever read, with the butler acting every bit the ex-spy he is. Damian may think he’s pretty smart, but Alfred’s been around the block a time or two, himself.

I love the personal vendetta motivating Batman’s newest nemesis. Plus, he seems pretty darn formidable, taking out both Bats and Robin in a few quick pages. Tomasi shows off his skills again with the riveting closing pages; I never figured an abandoned drive-in as a spooky place, but it seems downright surreal at the close of this issue.

This book has the DCnU staple of tons of splash pages, but Patrick Gleason makes it work. Batman’s big arrival about halfway through the book is striking and impressive, actually meeting the requirements for a good splash page. It’s odd that an appropriate use of splashes would impress me so much, but it’s one of the major failings of the relaunch so far. And look at Nobody’s design! That alien-looking head with those eyes, he’s a character to strike some fear into the hearts of do-gooders.


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