Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #3

Just to prove I'm not anti-DC overall, we've got Green Lantern Corps #3.

Peter Tomasi has put together an intriguing, stand-alone story that doesn't contradict the history of the DCU, it just adds another chapter. Admittedly, that's one gory chapter, but this issue is not quite as messy as the first two.

You know things have gone badly when Guy Gardner is willing to call back to Oa for some help. Salaak is suitably surprised, but there is just no way he can get reinforcements out to Guy and John Stewart in time. Enter Plot Device Lantern, a teleporter who strains and grits his way through some plot-necessary teleports, but at least he pays a reasonable price for it. And I do like the random feel of the GL who don't quite make it out in time. Tomasi has cultivated enough of a personality on our new Lanterns that I don't want to see any of them get pasted.

I like the idea that a souped-up willpower can withstand a Green Lantern ring. Does it make sense? Not really, but that's my kind of pseudo-science.

Geraldo Borges has some big shoes to fill, artistically, but he does a nice job. He's got that DC house style down pretty well, and he delivers on the multiple crowd scenes the story requires. The backgrounds are a bit sparse, there's a bunch of empty green panels, but the story explains much of that away nicely.


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