Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Avengers Solo #2

You'd think ol' Hawkeye was fighting Spidey by the looks of that cover! I suppose there is some overlap with the Trapster's powers, though.

I'm enjoying Jen Van Meter's Hawkeye story as it moves into the second chapter. This is the definition of a plot-based story, you could plug in any hero to this story and it would work equally well; there are no real "Hawkeye" elements that make this a personal mission for him. That said, Van Meter writes Hawkeye as a competent and powerful hero who is out to do the right thing. The thugs are a tad generic, but you can't fault this book on action. There is a ton going on, including more super-villain goodness from Trapster. I hope another baddie shows up next issue, or that the bandaged gal turns out to be a real villain. (I would have guessed Moonstone, except that she's busy elsewhere.)

Roger Robinson draws a fantastic Hawkeye. There are a ton of really strong pages with great action shots. I got sketch from Robinson years ago, and I asked for Hawkeye then because I thought he'd do a great job. He did then and he's doing a bang-up job now.


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