Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Daredevil #5

So five issues in, we know Mark Waid is going to dazzle us with great new uses of DD's powers (check), an interesting sub-plot with Matt's new client (check), and stunning art (thanks to Marcos Martin, check).

What I wasn't expecting was a corporate middle manager to actually be a likeable character. I wasn't expecting one of my favorite new villains in years. I mean, this guy is a cross between Bane and Booster Gold; Bruiser may be a bit of a silly name, but that luchadore mask can overcome just about any faults! And best of all, judging from Bruiser's hit list, this guy might be around for awhile. Heck, when we first see him, he's beating the snot out of Ox of the Enforcers. That's starting fairly high up the food chain! And again, I love DD's little comments during the fight, most especially when he "can't bridge out" of a wrestling hold. Awesome!

Martin's just another star in what is the best art team in comics. This book looks incredible each and every month. Somehow, Daredevil has become my favorite comic!


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