Saturday, November 12, 2011

Incognito: Bad Influences TPB

Can we just call this Sleeper Season Three? Seriously, I had an extremely hard time keeping this separate from the masterful series that Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips put together for Wildstorm a few years ago. (Actually, Sleeper is probably one of the saddest casualties of the Wildstorm reboot.)

I don't mean this as a critique, rather, it's a high compliment. I'm as riveted by Zack Overkill as I was about Holden back in the day. Brubaker writes scumbags, but he sure does make them likeable.

It's hard to go into specifics about this one; it's really quite tied to the original Incognito series and doesn't really wrap up on its own. There is some clear planning going on to set up a third Incognito series. Poor Zack is in a tough spot as this series ends, and I'm not certain that multiple people haven't maneuvered him exactly where they want him. Did those explosions Simon Slaughter set up ever get explained? Or what exactly he was doing with the time travel. I assume some of it was setting up Zack, but I think there's got to be more to it.

The supporting characters are once again a strength for this creative team. Brilliant concepts and perfect character design bring Zoe Zeppelin, King Midas, and more to life. I can't even remember the second-banana's name, the guy who is always giving Zack a hard time, but with his robotic eye and arm, you KNOW he's got some cool story that Brubaker is just waiting to tell.

Don't sleep on this one, Brubaker and Phillips have turned into one of the best collaborations in comics. We should enjoy it ever chance we get.


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