Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marvel Point One

Whew, it's a good thing the page count is so high for this thing. $5.99 is ridiculously expensive for one comic. Fortunately, there is a lot of content here, and the idea of a sampler of Marvels' upcoming big stories is a nice idea. I don't think it is always leading me to pick things up though.

The lead story is pretty interesting, with two folks in space-suits sneaking into the Watcher's lair and rifling through his most recent events. The Watcher's ability to see alternate reality and times makes this review a bit confusing, but it holds together nicely as a framing sequence for a preview book.

That's not Richard Rider Nova in the opening story, right? It seems like a preview for Jeph Loeb's upcoming Cable vs. the Avengers series. I sure hope isn't for a Nova book, because if that is Rider, he seems a lot younger and less competent than he was when we last saw him. (And no way is Terrax going to stay dead.)

Scarlet Spider looks like it could be interesting, but I'm totally puzzled why Marvel would set up Kaine as the new Scarlet rather than the far more popular (and less scarred) Ben Reilly. The book looks like it has potential, but I probably won't be picking it up right off the bat.

Coldmoon and Dragonfire (dang, another lost name I can't use in my writing!) have potential, but those costumes aren't going to do it for me. There is always room for another evil corporation in the Marvel U.

I'm intrigued by a group of humans fighting off the mutants that hate and fear them, which seems to be the concept that we'll see in the upcoming Age of Apocalypse series. I think Donald Pierce as an even remotely good guy is ridiculous, but it sure seems like they are supposed to be the protagonists. Weird, but could be fun.

Matt Fraction is going to write one hell of a Dr. Strange in the new Defenders book. This oughtta be good.

I have a bit of a hard time figuring out exactly what's going on in those Ultron vs. the world pages from Bryan Hitch. Ultron's already won? Most of the heroes are dead? I guess that story is some sort of future deal? Isn't it a bit early to go back to an alternate future well after Avengers 1-6?

In summary, this is a decent glimpse at the Marvel U with solid art and a story that won't win any awards, but is a decent promo. I'm a bit surprised that not even one of the stories grabbed me enough that I MUST get out there and purchase the series being promoted.

I guess I need to wait for the preview book featuring Daredevil, Black Panther, Secret Avengers, Villains for Hire, and Avengers Academy.


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Martin Gray said...

Lovely review, wish I could be so wonderfully pithy. I think it was meant to be Richard Rider in the Nova suit. If not, it's certainly an earthling, given his use of the phrase 'epic fail'.

Mind, it could be Thor as written by Matt Fraction!